Welcome in the Netherlands

The KNVvL welcomes all visiting pilots who are coming to fly in The Netherlands. Even though we are short on mountains, we do fly our paragliders ourselves here.

On this webpage you'll find all crucial information necessary for flying in The Netherlands.

We wish you safe flights. In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact us trough: the KNVvL department of Paragliding

Rules regarding COVID-19

In general, when visiting The Netherlands, these two basic rules apply:

  • Avoid busy places
  • Stay 1.5 meters apart from other people

These also apply for flying in The Netherlands. If you wish you can find out more info (in English) here: https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/b...

However, many rules apply for specific issues. Such as tandemflying. You're welcome to come flying in Holland but keep these two things in mind with regards to COVID-19.

  • Areas like the beach can be closed down by the local authorities if they get too crowded. Please read our info regarding dune soaring in The Netherlands.
  • At winch towing sites local rules and rules from the flying organization apply.

Winch towing

One of the two main starting methods in The Netherlands is winch towing. This starting procedure is common for paragliding in flat area's. Many of our local schools and clubs offer winch towing facilities and will be more then happy to have you as a guest. You'd be adviced to get in touch with them before arriving at their site, however.

In The Netherlands, since winch towing is the main starting procedure, we have a licence for winch take-off specifically. If you do not have an equivalent licence in combination of an IPPI-3 (or higher) licence, you are bound to take off under supervision of a an Instructor at an authorized school. You'll need an IPPI-5 to be allowed to fly further than glide-distance from the landing site.

Soaring at the dunes

In the recent years many pilots have resorted to soaring in The Netherlands. We find many visiting pilots coming to our popular soaring sites and we are more than happy to share the air.

However, there are very strict local rules at these spots, set by the local government and the sitekeepers. If you are visiting us, please respect these rules - we want to keep these spaces open. For one: do not walk in the dunes, these are protected natural area's and are vital to protect us from the sea.

As an additional note: soaring at the dunes is not risk free. There is very little chance of a collapse at low altitude, but there's a major chance of the wind becoming too strong, due to a ventury effect. This causes pilots to be blown over the dunes in a very turbulent area. Please soar cautiously.

With an IPPI-3 equivalent licence you're more than welcome to take off. There are certified schools which offer soaring or parakiting lessons. If you have no soaring experience, we'd highly reccommend them.