AOSTA? Vroeg ik aan een paar oudere zweefvliegers. “Beetje link..”, zei de een. “Voor je 5000 meter hoogtewinst moest je daar zijn”, zei de ander. “Wij zijn er in 2002 voor het laatst geweest, er waren toen strenge veiligheidsmaatregelen met bewapende militairen, de invloed van 9/11 natuurlijk want dat was pas gebeurd. Het ligt daar wel mooi, maar het gaat alleen om hoogtewinst en golfvliegen, en er is geen enkele mogelijkheid om buiten te landen. Er ging altijd wel een ploeg naartoe van Terlet, in het vroege voorjaar.”

Voor de liefhebbers: in Aosta zijn ze weer aan het opbouwen. We kregen het verzoek om hun bericht te verspreiden onder de Nederlandse zweefvliegers. Lees hun bericht met de voorkennis van de oude garde – maar als je hier nu nét aan toe bent: Veel plezier!

Dear fellows, glider pilots,

This spring we are waiting for you at our wavecamp here at the airport in Aosta surrounded by 4000 meter peaks. Let’s make the sky of Aosta full of circling gliders again as it was in the Golden Era.

After the Airclub has undergone a radical restructuring these last few months, a whole new management team is organizing next year’s spring gliding stage. Our pledge is to create a community that will make of us a big family once again!

First and foremost, we have thought of a series of discounts for you, such as cheaper registration fees to allow you to enjoy cross country flight to the fullest – and perhaps why not break your personal height record while wave flying in the Valley? You might get your Diamond Badge here!

The exceptional weather conditions in the Alps during spring offer glider pilots who come to fly in our region an opportunity for exciting flights in thermo-dynamic conditions among the highest peaks in Europe.

On days with winds at altitude, even if these are weak, wave phenomena are triggered and spread to the upper layers of the atmosphere.

Often, the wind also affects the lower layers all the way down to ground level, allowing tows to 400/600 metres on the ridges of Monte Emilius, located 1 km south of the airfield.

Such days are frequent throughout the whole year, but especially during the months of March, April and May when they allow for fantastic climbing up to the stratosphere. The Italian altitude records (single and twin-seat) have been broken several times in the skies above the Aosta Valley.

Furthermore, we have strengthened our partnership with the airport handling company that will provide easier airport access to you and your family as well as free of charge logistical support within the airport area such as moving your glider around, from the hangar to the threshold any time you need, and a vehicle to assist you in relocating your flight equipment during your stay.

We also increased the number of towing airplanes and hired more instructors at your disposal any time.

In addition, we have taken initiatives with local hotels and restaurants to provide discounted rates for our guests (check HOSPITALITY page on
We look forward to seeing you again soon to fly and visit as tourists, together with your friends and families, the beautiful Aosta Valley !
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