UAV DACH - unmanned aviation association, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure BMVI) have teamed up to host the

on November 15th, 2021
at the Dorint Messe Hotel Cologne, Germany

The EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM (EDF) has welcomed an international audience interested in legal, operational, safety, and technical aspects of unmanned aviation since 2018. This year, the EDF2021 will take place at the Dorint Messe Hotel in Cologne, Germany. The conference will be hosted by UAV DACH – unmanned aviation association -- in cooperation with EASA . The Federal Ministry of Transport and digital Infrastructure (BMVI) as the national aviation authority of Germany will provided the welcome note. EASA will lead the first part of the day and one session will discuss the experiences of the member states with the introduction of IR (EU) 2019/947. EASA and BMVI are therefore joining UAV DACH for the conference and invites the national aviation authorities (NAA), and everyone else interested in unmanned aviation to Cologne. So far, the NAA of Germany, Austria, Switzerland , Greece, Hungary, Norway, the Netherlands and France have already decided to participate.

Program of EDF2021

This year’s program will take place between 9:00 am – 6:00 pm and consists of four parts:

1. Current and future regulation efforts / airspace integration with U-Space (EASA)
2. Introduction of IR (EU) 2019/947, experiences of the EU Member States (MS)
3. Operating UAS – requirements and achievements (Industry)
4. Benchmark Technologies – the latest developments (Research & Development)

Who will attend?

The EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM will be a unique, leading platform providing the space for industry and all stakeholders (including authorities, researchers, OEMs, suppliers and operators) to do business and share knowledge in a comprehensive conference program.

The conference program will provide first-hand insights into the current planning of Europe’s aviation authorities. Experts will provide answers to upcoming questions for UAS manufacturers and operators. And there will be time and space to network on-site and to get in touch with the most valuable contacts – an outstanding opportunity after a long period of non-face-to-face communication.

As a participant of the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM you will:

* Meet experts from the EASA and European National Aviation Authorities
* Find out details about the European U-Space approach
* Learn how to transfer benchmark applications to your industry and technology
* Take home technology insights that will help implement UAS in your organisation
* Expand your personal network during the breaks or while visiting the exhibition

Travel Information

EDF2021 will be hosted in the Hotel Dorint across to the Cologne exhibition grounds. To arrange your stay in the location of the conference, please contact the hotel directly.