During the EASA Safety Conference on GA in Rome I heard very interesting views and proposals on how to make GA more accessible and more enjoyable. I expressed the six commitments of the Agency to the rest of the GA community.

Success does not depend only on EASA actions or decisions, but also on coordinated actions, decisions and support by all other members in the GA community. The era of passive criticism has come to an end; this is the time of active participation and positive contribution for change. We are at the start of the process to change the regulatory environment for GA and the mind-set of regulator, as well as the rest of the General Aviation community.

We are working towards simplifying the regulatory framework for GA, enabling its revival and ultimately its growth.

Patrick Ky

EASA Executive Director

More news.

The Agency has put in place the ‘New Approach towards General Aviation’ as part of the strategy to change fundamentally the way the GA sector is regulated in Europe. The new approach to General Aviation is about creating a more proportionate framework, focusing on safety culture, safety promotion and common sense! We are already delivering the first results of the process as it is also described in the GA Roadmap Report 2014.