For both the VFR as well as the IFR-rated pilot

For the second time, AeroPlus Aviation is organising a “Weather to Fly” masterclass event at Teuge Airport (EHTE) during the weekend of Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd of January 2017.

The best safety device in any aircraft is a well-trained pilot. Weather related events account for a high percentage of general aviation (GA) accidents and for one of the highest fatality rates. In the US, 29% of the GA accidents taking place is related to severe weather. Thunderstorms encounters are deadly in almost 80% of the time.

Our objective for this weekend event is to bring VFR as well as IFR-rated pilots the latest in weather planning and monitoring information. Numerical weather models such as the GFS model are providing pilots with new ways to look at the weather. Nowcasting and cheap datalink satellite weather solutions offer crews a way to stay up-to-date with the latest weather developments even during flight.

For both the VFR as well as the IFR-rated pilot

Our objective for this weekend event is to bring VFR as well as IFR-rated pilots the latest in weather planning and monitoring information. Numerical weather models such as the GFS model are providing pilots with new ways to look at the weather. Nowcasting and cheap datalink satellite weather solutions offer crews a way to stay up-to-date with the latest weather developments even during flight.

For the second time, AeroPlus Aviation is organising a “Weather to Fly” masterclass event at Teuge Airport (EHTE) during the weekend of Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd of January 2017. Our first Dutch “Weather to Fly” event in 2014 was well received with over 120 participants.

Parallel VFR and IFR Sessions

This time, the “Weather to Fly” event will be organised in association with PPL/IR Europe and will be an all European all weekend aviation event for both the VFR as well as the IFR rated European pilot. The event is open to everyone interested in aviation weather. We will be running parallel sessions and workshops. Some will be aimed at the VFR pilot while others will be for those that are IFR rated or for the pilots interested in getting an instrument rating.

Join us this weekend and go home with up-to-date knowledge, skills and the latest information on weather tools, apps, forecasting models and datalink weather solutions that all can help you stay safe!

In Association with PPL/IR Europe

The “Weather to Fly” weekend event is organised in association with PPL/IR Europe.

PPL/IR Europe has over 400 members, most of whom are private pilots with an Instrument Rating, but also with members still working on their instrument rating or considering such the rating. Our “Weather to Fly” event is open to all VFR as well the IFR rated pilots in Europe. You don’t have to be a member of PPL/IR Europe.

Aviation Weather Workshops

We have brought together industry experts and private pilots to share their knowledge and experience with you. We are running workshops all day on Saturday and on Sunday until mid-afternoon. Some of the workshops will be held in parallel, where you can participate in the workshop that interests you most.

You will learn the following:

  • How to differentiate between actually observed and model-based weather forecasts;
  • Numerical weather forecasting primer: what does it bring: advantages and limitations;
  • Flying frontal weather;
  • How to stay safe around thunderstorms;
  • How to recognise dangerous clouds to stay away from;
  • The new SERA weather minima;
  • Tricks and tips reading METAR and TAF messages;
  • GRAMETs and Log-P Skew-T diagrams
  • Winter flying (ice, snow, fog) both VFR and IFR;
  • Datalink satellite weather tools for in-flight weather information;
  • Weather Doppler Radar essentials;
  • Pilot presentation about planning trans-Atlantic flights in GA aircraft between North America and Europe;
  • Pilot presentations of VFR flying adventures through Europe and Africa and how to plan for such trips and deal with the weather.

The Speakers

Reinier van den Berg is a Dutch TV meteorologist, one of the founders of and working with MeteoGroup. In his younger years, he used to be a plane spotter and, as such, he still feels connected with aviation. Reinier is passionate about climate change, severe weather and is an active storm chaser. He will tell us about his severe weather encounters, how to recognise severe weather coming and how to deal with them in-flight. Reinier will show you how to better recognise dangerous clouds in their different stages of development and how to stay safe.

Alan South is an active member of PPL/IR Europe and passionate about aviation weather forecasting and is a private pilot flying IFR in Europe with his twin. He regularly facilitates weather workshops within the PPL/IR Europe context on the subject, where he is specialised in numerical weather forecasting using weather models such as the GFS model. Weather models were previously only available to the professional forecasters, but are now in the hands of individual pilots as well. Alan makes this subject easy for you to understand.

Florenci Rey Benadero is a weather specialist from Earth Networks. Earth Networks employs over 10.000 highly advanced lightning detectors worldwide and delivers weather data to airports around the world and especially to areas where there is no doppler rain radar available such as, for example, in Africa. He lives in Spain, flies a single engine aircraft, and will tell us all about in-flight severe weather events and how to take the right decision based on real-time total lightning solutions.

Freek Hoogeveen is chief operating officer of Dutch Aviation College. He has a degree in Physics and is a pilot instructor. Dutch Aviation College is an EASA approved training organisation specialised in theoretical courses and EASA conversions. Freek will present a practical approach to bad weather flying for both the VFR as well as IFR-rated pilot. Learn from his experience and advise to deal with weather in a single-engine piston aircraft flying VFR or IFR through Europe.

Jeroen Komen flew his experimental two-seater Pelican across all of Europe. Doing so, he experienced a lot of weather that he should have learned more about during his initial flight training. He experienced winter weather over France, diverted once to a non-international airport in Bulgaria (causing issues with customs), circumnavigated ex-hurricane Bertha over Scotland and learned about the impossibilities of VFR on Top. He took beautiful pictures of countryside and weather, which are published – together with lessons learned – in the book “Ik kan vliegen” (I can fly) and was a TEDx-talk speaker telling about his flying adventures. Don’t expect any academic explanations during his talk. But hear, first-hand, about his real life experiences that make theory come alive.

Jason Carley is an experienced multi-engine commercial pilot type rated on the Citation Mustang and with substantial Piper Meridian (PA46) time. As an all year round pilot flying across Europe and with seven North Atlantic crossings he will discuss weather planning for remote areas such as Greenland where alternates are sparse. Jason will take you along on his adventures flying over Greenland and Iceland and how he deals with the weather.

Julian Scarfe is an EASA specialist and a private pilot as well flying a twin-aircraft. He will be updating us on the latest developments and changes of laws as produced by EASA and the effect this has on private pilots and general aviation.

Timothy Nathan is an independent Instrument Rating instructor working out of Biggin Hill, Fairoaks and Blackbushe in the UK. He operates a Navajo twin from Biggin Hill and has been an executive jet pilot. He is a board member of PPL/IR Europe, working extensively with regulators to ensure that IFR remains accessible for private pilots. His workshop is aimed at IR pilots who are already familiar with instrument approaches, but want to learn more about RNAV approaches.

Sjoerd Jan ter Welle is a private pilot flying theSR22T, Seneca 2 or a Piper Archer 2. He developed the AeroPlus Aviation Weather app for iPhone and iPad and is specifically passionate about flying in Africa. Sjoerd Jan will be talking about nowcasting using mobile satellite weather solutions. He will also share from his African flying adventures. For the IFR rated pilots, he will explain how to get an LVTO approval for low visibility take-offs now that the EASA rules came into effect as of last August and a low visibility departure is limited to an RVR of 400 m without such an LVTO approval.

SkyDeck Hangar

The event will take place at Skydeck Hangar, Teuge Airport (EHTE). During the day on Saturday and Sunday, there will be masterclasses, with time to meet other pilots around a BBQ on Saturday evening. If you come from far, you can best plan to arrive on Friday. We can arrange hotel accommodation and bus transport between the hotel and airport for you. You can arrive VFR during daytime or IFR on Friday night only. On Saturday morning, you can fly the GPS approach, but when established on final, you will have to cancel IFR and land VFR.

Static Display

There will be several aircraft on display such as a Starfighter, MIG fighter and a Cessna O-2 aircraft that has been flying in Vietnam.

Pilot Party

On Saturday evening, there will be a BBQ with time to meet other pilots from all over Europe. Great moment to get to know other pilots and to share flying stories with each other.

Hotel Accommodation

We have blocked rooms for this event at the “ ” hotel De Cantharel in the nearby city of Apeldoorn

  • Single room, 108,50 euro per night, including breakfast
  • Double room, 122,00 euro per night, including breakfast
  • Shuttle bus service during event between hotel and airport, 30,00 euro per person

A shuttle bus will run between Teuge airport and the “Van der Valk” hotel the whole weekend as follows:

  • Friday night 20:00 LT* departure from Teuge Airport to the hotel
  • Saturday morning 10:00 LT departure from the hotel to Teuge Airport
  • Saturday evening early departure from Teuge Airport to the hotel at 22:00 LT
  • Saturday late night transport from the airport to the hotel at 24:00 LT (if needed)
  • Sunday morning 09.30 LT departure from the hotel to Teuge Airport.

Cancellation Policy for the hotel room reservation is possible under the following conditions, in which case we will refund you the respective part of the hotel costs. There is no refund available for the shuttle bus or the event ticket, but if you opted to fly to Teuge and will not come, the landing fee will be refunded as well.

  • Hotel room cancellations up to the day before arrival at noon are refunded in full (up to (Thursday, January 19 up to 12:00 LT) ;
  • Hotel room cancellations coming in after noon on Thursday and up to Friday afternoon are refunded at 70% (Friday, January 20 up to 16:00 LT);
  • Hotel room cancellations coming in after 16.00 LT on the Friday just before the event starts can not be refunded and will be charged in full.

*All times are local times (LT). Cancellations need to be made in writing by writing to with reference to your reservation name and details. All refunds will be transferred in the week after the event.

Airport Facilities

Teuge Airport has a 1200 meters paved runway with PAPI, runway edge lights and a GPS approach. The airport is situated in uncontrolled airspace (G-airspace). During the day, it is a VFR-only airport and after the end of daylight, the airport becomes an IFR only airport. No night-VFR is allowed in The Netherlands.

If the weather is marginal during the day, you will be able to fly the GPS approach until established on final to then cancel IFR for a VFR landing.

The airport will be PPR for the event from Friday 17.00 LT until 22:00 LT (21:00 UTC) and on Saturday from 8.30 LT until 10:00 LT (09:00 UTC) to smoothen the arrivals for the event. Indicate when you plan to arrive, and we will issue you an arrival slot. Outside the PPR times you can just arrive on Friday during the day or after 10:00 LT in the morning on Saturday without the need for an arrival slot.

For your departure, you don’t need a slot. VFR, as well as IFR departures, can be accommodated during daytime on Sunday or Monday. You will receive the IFR clearance on the ground from the tower before your actual departure and will be able to join IFR right after departure in the climb with Dutch MIL.

Customs and Immigration

Customs and immigration will be available and we would be glad to help you with filling out the needed UK GAR and/or Dutch GenDec forms as a service. Please indicate below on the reservation form if you need our support.

Event Details

The “Weather to Fly” event starts on Saturday at 10:30 LT (09:30 UTC) with the first workshop. The workshops run all Saturday as well as on Sunday from 10.30 LT until 14:30 LT.

This all-in event includes the following:

  • A full 2-day event ticket;
  • BBQ party, food buffet, beer, house wine and drinks on Saturday night;
  • Hotel booking for one or two nights, including transportation (optional)
  • Landing and parking fee (optional)

Not included:

  • Friday evening dinner;
  • Sandwiches and coffee during the day on Saturday and Sunday.


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