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5th EASA AD Workshop

EASA If you want to know more about EASA ADs, please attend 5th EASA AD Workshop on 28th November 2017 at EASA in Cologne.

The workshop is addressed to all interested stakeholders who want to have a better understanding of EASA processes related to the publication and/or adoption of Mandatory Continuing Airworthiness Information (MCAI), i.e. Airworthiness Directives and non-MCAI, i.e. Safety Information Bulletins (SIB).

For more details, please review the draft agenda and register online for the workshop.

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Hoe is de kijk op veiligheid veranderd?

De stichting HUFAG organiseert woensdag 11 oktober 2017 in samenwerking met de Nederlandse Vereniging Luchtvaart Technici (NVLT) een middag over veiligheid, onze veranderende kijk erop en wat we nog kunnen leren in deze snel veranderende wereld.

Toen Generatie X (1955-1970) de arbeidsmarkt betrad, werden taken zonder mitsen en maren uitgevoerd. Nu moet deze groep zien om te gaan met een cultuur en procesveranderingen, zoals opgeschud door de opkomende Generatie Y (1985-2000) die hier een hele andere kijk op hebben. Wat betekent dit voor de oudere generatie, wat doen al die veranderingen in sneltreinvaart met hun kijk op veiligheid?

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Easy Access Rules for Aerodromes are available

EASA The latest consolidated rules for aerodromes have now been published in the Easy Access format for free download from the EASA website! The up-to-date rules are displayed in an easy-to-read format with advanced navigation features through links and bookmarks.

The document covers the ADR regulation - Regulation (EU) No 139/2014 – with all its Annexes (Definitions, ADR.AR, ADR.OR, ADR.OPS), together with the applicable Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM)(including Amendment 1), as well as Certification Specifications (CS) and Guidance Material (GM) for Aerodromes Design (Issue 3).

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Advanced Approach to Pilot Training

EASA Aircrew Training Conference 6th September 2017

The conference will bring together leading experts from the Agency, competent authorities and industry to discuss the recent initiatives in the Aircrew domain. Particular attention will be given to Operational Suitability Data (OSD) elements and how to incorporate these into pilot training.

The workshop will provide a platform for exchange of best practices, lessons learnt and relevant information. The topics of getting the information and the use of the data will be addressed through panel discussions.

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Loss of control prevention and recovery training

EASA The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) published an Opinion proposing amendments to the training requirements for initial pilot licensing to prevent loss of control in flight situations.

The so called “upset prevention and recovery training” (UPRT) requirements aim to make pilots more resilient in coping with unexpected aircraft upset situations. The requirements are based on International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and recommended practices and have been developed by EASA in consultation with leading industry experts.

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EASA publishes safety information on Wake Vortex

EASA EASA published today a Safety Information Bulletin (SIB) to remind pilots and air traffic controllers about the risks associated with wake turbulence encounters at high altitude and about the applicable precautionary measures.

Every flying aircraft generates turbulence in its wake. This wake turbulence consists of a pair of counter-rotating vortices that can persist for several minutes behind the generating airplane, naturally descending. Actual motion strongly depends on the prevailing wind and atmospheric conditions.

The likelihood for an airplane to encounter severe wake turbulence generated by another airplane is very low but cannot be excluded. Typically, the so-called “heavy” and “super heavy” aircraft (Airbus 340, Airbus 380, Boeing 747 as examples) are more prone to generate stronger vortices, although there is potential for other large aircraft types as well.

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ILT en politie controleren kleine luchtvaart

De Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport (ILT) en de Landelijke Eenheid van de politie controleren de komende maanden de kleine luchtvaart op de verschillende kleine vliegvelden in Nederland. Bij de controles wordt gekeken in hoeverre vliegers op de hoogte zijn van de geldende regels en op welke wijze ze zich voorbereiden op hun vlucht. Een onvolledige vluchtvoorbereiding vergroot het risico op voorvallen.

Bij de controles kijkt de inspectie naar alle gegevens en inlichtingen die voor de uitvoering van de vlucht van belang zijn zoals: de massa en balansverdeling van het vliegtuig, brandstofmanagement en de navigatie. Ook moet de gezagvoerder in het bezit zijn van bewijzen van luchtwaardigheid, -inschrijving en -bevoegdheid, het vlieghandboek, journaal en een bewijs van bevoegdheid. De politie controleert medewerkers van de luchthaven en gezagvoerders ook op alcoholgebruik. 

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2017 EASA Annual Safety Review published

EASA publishes today the 2017 edition of its Annual Safety Review. The analysis in this year’s review provides a statistical summary of aviation safety in the EASA Member States and identifies the most important safety challenges faced in European aviation today. This data-driven analysis will lead to the development of safety actions across domain-specific safety risk portfolios and will define the priorities on which the Agency will focus on. These priorities will be presented in the next edition of the European Plan for Aviation Safety to be published in December 2017.

“2016 has brought continued improvements in safety across almost every operational domain.  However, the complex nature of aviation safety and new challenges and emerging issues impose to maintain the highest vigilance and safety efforts as an aviation community. EASA has engaged in various initiatives which will help to ensure our continued vigilance and help improve safety for today and into the future” said Patrick Ky, EASA Executive Director.

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