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Sunny Swift

We are really excited to introduce Sunny Swift: the main character of a comic strip produced by a team right here in EASA.

Join Sunny Swift in her adventures where she uses her skills as a GA pilot in mitigating risks while flying. This new initiative, which is part of the GA roadmap, will be available once a month on a Wednesday.

The stories are also available in most European languages courtesy of EASA staff. 

I’m Sunny Swift, a 32-year - old instructor recently appointed by EASA to help you fly more safely by sharing simple and good practices.

I will come back to you every month with a new story. I’ll be happy to hear your comments and reports about your own flying experiences.

Happy landings!

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Wake turbulence avoidance
Sunny Swift

Clearance to enter controlled airspace
Sunny Swift

Turn it on
Sunny Swift

Crosswind final turn
Sunny Swift

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